Server Commands

Console commands can be executed either using an RCon tool, directly from the server console interface, a server configuration file, the server command line, or (if a resource is allowed by the ACL) the ExecuteCommand function.

Adding a custom RCon command can be done using the RegisterCommand function on the server, or the (legacy) rconCommand event.

Resource commands

start [resourceName]

Starts the resource specified in the argument, if it was stopped. It is also possible to specify a category name, such as start [cars].


start lambda-menu
start [cars]

stop [resourceName]

Stops the resource specified in the argument, if it was started. As with start, one can also specify a category name.


stop mymode

ensure [resourceName]

Restarts the resource specified in the argument, if it was started. If it wasn't, starts the resource specified in the argument.

As with start and stop, one can also specify a category name.


ensure my-testing-resource

restart [resourceName]

Restarts the resource specified in the argument, if it was started. Also supports category names.


restart lambda-menu


Rescans the resources folder and loads all resource manifests in them, also making new resources available to start using start.



Global commands

exec [filename]

Runs the commands specified in the filename, relative to the server data directory, or any resource name specified with @.

Commonly seen as FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg.


exec server_nested.cfg
exec @vMenu/config/permissions.cfg


Exits the server, sending a default quit message to all connected players.

quit [reason]

Exits the server, also sending the specified reason to all connected players.


quit "Restarting - will be back soon!"

Management commands


Shows a list of players with their primary identifier, server ID, name, endpoint, and ping.



clientkick [id] [reason]

Kicks the client with the specified server ID (as seen in status) from the server, for the stated reason.


clientkick 43 You're a superstitious idiot!

say [message]

Sends a message in the chat as console.


say Hi, everybody!


Opens or closes the server debug GUI.

Configuration variables

gamename [game]

Defines the game to run the server for.


FXServer.exe +set gamename rdr3

Supported games

NameMarketing name
gta4LibertyM for GTA:NY
gta5FiveM for GTA:Five
rdr3RedM for RDR3

onesync [on/off/legacy]

Defines which mode of state awareness to use.

  • Off: No state awareness at all, clients will use the standard GTA/RAGE P2P networking model, and the server will only function as a relay.
  • On: Full state awareness and server-determined entity routing.
  • Legacy: Compatibility mode for scripts that expect all players to exist on each client. Not recommended due to performance issues and graphical glitches.

sv_enforceGameBuild [build]

Selects a game build for clients to use. This can only be specified at startup, and can not be changed at runtime.


sv_enforceGameBuild h4
sv_enforceGameBuild mptuner
sv_enforceGameBuild 1355

Every build includes all content and changes from the builds before.

FiveM builds

NumberAliasesMarketing name
1604xm18, christmas2018, mpchristmas2018Arena War
--The Diamond Casino & Resort
--Diamond Casino Heist
2060sum, mpsumLos Santos Summer Special
2189h4, heist4, mpheist4Cayo Perico Heist
2372tuner, mptunerLos Santos Tuners

RedM builds

1311Mid 2020 update, not compatible with Red Dead Online licenses.
1355December 2020 update, works with newer game editions such as RDO.
1436July 2021 update, includes new content from Blood Money DLC.

sv_maxClients [newValue]

A variable that specifies the maximum amount of clients that the server can normally have, as an integer from 1 to 1024.

Values starting at 32 will require onesync to be set to on or legacy, and values above 64 will require onesync to be set to on.

sv_endpointPrivacy [newValue]

A boolean variable that, if true, hides player IP addresses from public reports output by the server.

sv_hostname [newValue]

A string variable that contains the old-style server-specific host name.

sv_authMaxVariance [newValue]

Variance is how likely the user's id will change for a given provider (i.e. 'steam', 'ip', or 'license').

A console variable as an integer from 1-5 (default 1); from least to most likely to change.

sv_authMinTrust [newValue]

Trust is how unlikely it is for the user's identity to be spoofed by a malicious client.

A console variable as an integer from 1-5 (default 5); from least to most trustworthy (5 being a method such as external three-way authentication).

load_server_icon [fileName.png]

A console command which loads a specfied icon and sets it as the server icon. The icon needs to be a 96x96 PNG file.


load_server_icon "my-server.png"

rcon_password [password]

Sets the RCon password. This being unset means RCon is disabled.

steam_webApiKey [key]

Sets a Steam Web API key, which is required to allow for Steam identifiers to be returned by the server.

Access control commands

add_ace [principal] [object] [allow|deny]

Adds an access control entry to the server's access control list.


add_ace group.admin command.potato allow
add_ace identifier.steam:110000112345678 deny

add_principal [child_principal] [parent_principal]

Sets a principal to inherit from another principal.


# makes identifier.steam:110000112345678 inherit from group.admin
add_principal identifier.steam:110000112345678 group.admin

remove_ace [principal] [object] [allow|deny]

Removes a specified ACE from the server's access control list.


remove_ace identifier.steam:110000112345678 deny

remove_principal [child_principal] [parent_principal]

Removes a specified principal inheritance entry.


remove_principal identifier.steam:110000112345678 group.admin

test_ace [principal] [object]

Tests if a principal is allowed or denied access to a given object.

Example: test_ace group.admin command.adminstuff