Scripting in C#

Setting up our environment

Before you can create your first C# resource, you'll need to install Visual Studio 2022 (the community/free version will work just fine).

Creating your project

  1. Open a command window by pressing Win + R, type in cmd and then press Enter. Now you should have a console like the one below:


  1. Once that window shows up we're going to be following the FiveM's Cookbook modern guide to setup our scripting environment, so make sure you enter the following commands in the console window:
dotnet new -i CitizenFX.Templates
mkdir MyResource
cd MyResource
dotnet new cfx-resource
  1. If everything went right, you should get a folder named MyResource with a solution file named MyResource.sln. This is the solution file to manage your projects.
  2. To build the project, you can click on build.cmd, which will build a release server and client dll for you, both targetting the correct .NET frameworks needed for FiveM and FXServer.

Setting up and running the project

If you built the resource, you should now have a dist folder available, so you should be able to run the following commands:

Change directory to the resource path named MyResource:


Make a symbolic link. For more information about mklink, visit the following article by Microsoft.

mklink /d X:\cfx-server-data\resources\[local]\MyResource dist

Afterwards, you can use ensure MyResource in your server.cfg or server console to start the resource.

Congratulations, you've created a resource using FiveM's C# templates!

Let's write some code

It's finally time to actually start writing some code! 🎉