Project building

FxDK allows you to build a complete runnable server instance with all enabled resources from project, with runnable server artifact included.

After building, under user-specified build path, FxDK will create a set of configuration files, resources folder with enabled and artifact folder containing latest server artifact from update channel selected in project settings (latest by default).

Server artifact

By default, building process will also put a copy of server artifact in build directory.

If build folder already contains artifact and it is of outdated version, FxDK will use versioning mechanism to allow fast rollback, meaning that new artifact will replace what was there before in artifact folder, old artifact will be in artifact-TIMESTAMP folder next to artifact.

Including server artifact is optional and can be disabled either in project settings or in project build modal.

Currently, building only supports windows artifacts. When building for linux deploy target, disable artifact inclusion and resort to manual artifact deployment.

Resources versioning

By default, when building project against previous build, FxDK will use versioning mechanism, same as for artifact, so old resources build will be moved to resources-TIMESTAMP folder, again, allowing for fast rollback.

This is optional and can be disabled either in project settings or in project build modal.

If disabled, old resources folder will be permanently deleted and new resources will replace it.


All defined variables (convars, Steam WebAPI key, Tebex secret), will be placed in variables.cfg file in build folder.

This file is not supposed to be edited by user, FxDK will overwrite it on build.

License key

For running public server you need to specify license key obtained at

FxDK purposefully does not provide any way to enter this key in user interface because of security concerns.

This will be revisited once we implement sign-in procedures in FxDK, see #865 GitHub issue.

You will need to manually specify your server's license key in server.cfg file in build folder, this file won't be overwritten on any consequent build. In addition, if running server with start.cmd script, it will check if you've entered license key there before running the server.


By default built server is configured with 48 slots, if your license key allows for more - please change the value in server.cfg file.