Loading screens

A special NUI frame is the frame called loadingScreen, which is shown during loading of FiveM, instead of the default client-side loading screen or the game loading screen, after joining into a server.

It is specified similarly to ui_page using loadscreen in the resource manifest:

loadscreen 'load.html'

file 'load.html'
loadscreen 'https://my-server.example.com/loadscreen/'


By default, the loading screen will show until SHUTDOWN_LOADING_SCREEN is called. However, you can also manually control exit lifetime by setting the loadscreen_manual_shutdown 'yes' directive in your resource manifest.

When doing so, the following natives become available once scripts start (after game load and connection to network):

This can be used to, say, add a custom fade-out effect from the loading screen to an in-game view, or integrate NUI events with early-game spawn selection UI.