Resource FAQ

What does "prohibited logic" mean?

The resource in question likely contains malicious code. Sometimes another resource "infects" other resources, so be sure to check the code of the mentioned resource. Prohibited logic usually includes code that can infect other resources, or that impact your overall gameplay experience.

What are disallowed resources?

While FiveM rarely takes action, we do want to avoid:

  • Paid resources outside of accepted methods as outlined by FiveM's Terms of Service
  • Protection rackets, in other words, (former) authors of hacks extorting server owners to buy their anticheat. This is in violation with FiveM's Terms of Service.
  • Global ban lists. We have no way to verify the quality of every anticheat, and it may very well be possible for a global ban list to ban players without good reason. With global ban lists, this impacts the overall gameplay experience of FiveM, as players are unable to join a large amount of server without sufficient reason.

Are anticheat resources allowed?

Of course! FiveM allows you to run any resource within the terms, and you are free to use anticheat resources. FiveM only takes action against the aforementioned items.

What can I do against cheaters?

  • Report cheats. If you have any form of hack or cheat (in usable form), do not hesitate to send it over to We will immediately look into the cheat and take the necessary measures.
  • Use server-side code where possible. With OneSync's unique features, server owners are able to build secure code that prevents abuse by cheats.
  • Read about how you can combat cheaters, or how you can write your own anticheat on the forums.
  • Build your own server-side anticheat resource for your use case and maintain it together with the community! If everyone combines their strength, together, all server owners can trivially outsmart any attempt at bypassing checks that cheat/menu developers will invoke.
  • Contribute to FiveM! FiveM is open-source and we welcome patches to either improve server-side detection abilities, or to implement client-side detections. Standalone client-side detection code can also be sent to for integration into the private tree containing client-side 'global' anticheat.