This native is a server side native which requires OneSync enabled to run it. It gets triggered when damage occurs between two entity using a weapon.


int damageType, int weaponType, bool overrideDefaultDamage, bool hitEntityWeapon, bool hitWeaponAmmoAttachment, bool silenced, int damageFlags, bool f80_1, int f100, int f116, int f104, int weaponDamage, bool f135, int f48, int f52, int f56, bool f112, int damageTime, bool willKill, int f120, bool hasVehicleData, int f112_1, int parentGlobalId, int hitGlobalId, int tyreIndex, int suspensionIndex, int hitComponent, bool f133, bool f125, int f64, int f68, int f72
  • damageType: Damage type:
0= unknown (or incorrect weaponHash)
1= no damage (flare,snowball, petrolcan)  
2= melee  
3= bullet  
4= force ragdoll fall  
5= explosive (RPG, Railgun, grenade)  
6= fire(molotov)  
10= electric  
11= barbed wire  
12= extinguisher  
13= gas  
14= water cannon (WEAPON_HIT_BY_WATER_CANNON)  
  • weaponType: weapon's hash.
  • overrideDefaultDamage: if it overrides damage.
  • hitEntityWeapon: whether the target entity has a weapon or not.
  • hitWeaponAmmoAttachment: whether the target entity has attachments or not.
  • silenced: whether the weapon is silenced or not.
  • damageFlags: damage flag.
  • f80_1: Unknown.
  • f100: Unknown.
  • f116: Unknown.
  • f104: Unknown.
  • weaponDamage: damage caused by the weapon.
  • f135: Unknown.
  • f48: Unknown.
  • f52: Unknown.
  • f56: Unknown.
  • f112: Unknown.
  • damageTime: Damage time.
  • willKill: whether the damage is fatal or not.
  • hasVehicleData: whether it has vehicle data (probably used to check if the target entity is a vehicle).
  • f112_1: Unknown.
  • parentGlobalId: Source id (?).
  • hitGlobalId: Target id (?).
  • tyreIndex: Tyre index:
tyreIndex = 0 to 4 on normal vehicles  
'0 = wheel_lf / bike, plane or jet front  
'1 = wheel_rf  
'2 = wheel_lm / in 6 wheels trailer, plane or jet is first one on left  
'3 = wheel_rm / in 6 wheels trailer, plane or jet is first one on right  
'4 = wheel_lr / bike rear / in 6 wheels trailer, plane or jet is last one on left  
'5 = wheel_rr / in 6 wheels trailer, plane or jet is last one on right  
'45 = 6 wheels trailer mid wheel left  
'47 = 6 wheels trailer mid wheel right  
  • suspensionIndex: Suspension index.
  • hitComponent: hit component.
  • f133: Unknown.
  • f125: Unknown.
  • f64: Unknown.
  • f68: Unknown.
  • f72: Unknown.


Lua Example:
-- TO DO